Black Dress in wedding: Can You


Guarantee of a style without fault, the black is invited here and there in the outfits of marriage without, for the moment, to make the unanimity. It is decryption of a fashion issue that questions our traditions. If the question of wear white to a wedding is answered quickly usually no editor’s note, the one on the black dress is not as obvious as one might think. So is it ok to wear black to a wedding?Because if the hue in question is, in the collective unconscious, less associated with the nuptial universe than the funeral event, it operates a certain breakthrough in guest outfits.  Sickness or change of morals, we went around the question.

Yes, black is a color like any other

Because we don’thave  not necessarily want to copycat  with geraniums of the Town Hall by posing in a pink dress  fuchsia  very Bridesmaid the little black dress remains a sure value of the guest uniform , winter and summer. Guaranteed against any lack of taste, it ensures the minimum chic required not this kind of events, while leaving great opportunities for customization.  Another possibility, ideal for weddings in the rain:  the man’s suit, worn on the skin or on a neutral silk top, ensures elegance and sobriety.

Be careful not to cross the tolerable limits.  Admittedly, we can dress in black at a wedding but  we abstain from wearing the long dress lace version Sicilian weeping  unless it’s a Dolce, and again or the little black dress  bodycon Beyoncé  way   that could we want to be recalled by the Mayor. Finally wearing black at a wedding, yes, but in moderation.

Why is it difficult to wear white at a wedding?

White is obviously difficult to wear because it is the color of the bride. We still remember the outcry that had provoked Pippa Middleton by wearing a long, immaculate dress at the wedding of his sister Kate. Displaying with a dress of this hue can be seen as a provocation, a way to steal the show from the future bride and blur the tracks on the inevitable wedding photos. In short a perfect way to quarrel with the bride who is likely to be offended.

Black Dress in wedding: Can You

As for black, it is of course the color of mourning. Seeing one of their guests fully dressed in black, the bride and groom may misinterpret it. Nevertheless, there are solutions to wear these two colors and dramatize their meaning. If the total look black or white is rather not recommended, these colors can very well appear by small keys. We can for example afford to give a nice alabaster blouse with a colorful midi skirt.

Conclusion: With nuances

If the long white dress is to be avoided, it is possible to choose colors that come close. Nude, pale pink or beige will perfectly replace an ivory too close to the hue of a wedding dress. Fanatic little black dress trade against a marine version is to avoid saddening the evening and upset the bride and groom. Like Victoria Beckham at the royal wedding of William and Kate, preferring dark blue leaves a much more joyful impression. Diane Kruger, she wanted to wear black wedding designer Jason Wu in 2016. The brilliant tip of the actress is a dress covered with sequins.

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