Finer Options for the Travel Times


Travelers in time must prepare to look only at the future. The past will be forbidden. For example, people will be able to travel millions of years ahead to resettle almost certainly their abandoned planet. Everything is based on real physical theories. Already Albert Einstein came to the conclusion that a fast-flying object is experiencing time in slow motion. But moving backwards is impossible. It violates the basic rule of cause and effect. If time travel to the past was possible, then one could shoot out his ancient ancestors. According to scientists believe things can’t make themselves impossible. The Discovery Channel broadcasts a show within Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. So how to time travel?

Year on earth, day on boat

Hawking began publishing his theories because he was no longer afraid that people would have him crazy. Traveling through time has always been considered a scientific heresy, so prefer not to talk about it. Hawking said. “I’m not so careful today.” Once a space ship is built that can fly at a speed approaching the speed of light, then the day aboard will correspond to the year on Earth. But once spaceships approach the speed of light, their crews will jump Earth’s years at the speed of days, giving humanity a chance to start again. At full power it will only take six years to reach this speed. They will reach half the speed of light after the first two years and be far away from the solar system. After the next two years, they will travel at 90 percent of light speed will be like a year on Earth, explains the scientist.

Space deformed by Light

At this speed, it would only take 80 years to reach the edge of the galaxy for those on board. Professor Brian Cox of Manchester University told The Times that Hawking’s theory is already backed up by experiments conducted at the large particle accelerator of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. When we accelerate small particles to 99.99 percent of the speed of light, then time passes for them as one-thousandth of our time. Hawking admits he’s obsessed with time travel. He told the Daily Mail that if he could, he would come back to visit Marilyn Monroe at the time of her greatest glory or go to Galileo Galilei. Anyone who walked around his perimeter would always go back to the moments he had gone through. The past and the future would disappear, leaving only an unchanging presence. The circle can be turned into a descending or ascending staircase.

Finer Options for the Travel Times

A Traveler Needs a Lot of Energy

At first glance, it may seem that Mallet is no better off. It would do with ordinary energy, but it would literally need a cosmic amount to exchange tasks between time and space. That was how it looked at first: as long as it counted only on normal light, which moves at 300,000 kilometers per second. However, there are other lights that only travel a few meters in a second: such light crumples space-time almost as easily as a human hand paper. True, if we only stay with the atoms and similar bottles sent to the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime, we will lose the experiences that sci-fi authors like to write about.

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